Our Team

Aditya Mandan

Empowerment Coach

Hey there, I’m Aditya, your Empowerment Coach at Strentor. My journey began as a national-level Para Powerlifter, teaching me true strength surpasses physical limits. Certified in fitness training and nutrition, I believe in holistic fitness for enduring transformations. Tailoring services to your goals, I offer personalized programs for fat loss, muscle gain, bodybuilding, stamina building, and powerlifting. Explore client testimonials for real-life success stories. Let’s embark on your fitness journey together.

Anisha Jhunjhunwala

Mind and Emotion Specialist

I’m Anisha, your Mind and Emotion Specialist at Strentor. With a Master’s in Psychology and certifications in NLP and Emotional Wellness Coaching, I’ve guided countless individuals through life’s challenges. Specializing in teen and young adult therapy, I support clients with depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. My approach blends techniques like CBT and Person-Centered therapy for effective emotional support.

Arun Kunjunny

Personal Transformation Specialist

 I’m Arun Kunjunny, your Personal Transformation Specialist at Strentor. Empathy has driven me since childhood, fueling my passion to inspire others. With experience in various fields, I found my calling in NLP and Life Coaching. As a specialist, I offer tailored support for those facing mental blocks, fostering a safe space for growth. Through Strentor, I guide others on their path to self-discovery and confidence.

Ashmita Dani

Dreams to Reality Mentor

I’m Ashmita Dani, your Dreams to Reality Mentor at Strentor. Welcome to the magical world of manifestation! Let’s explore sans the magician’s cape—I’ve left that at home. My journey started during the 2020 lockdown, reigniting my childhood practice of intentional manifestation. Now, I offer personalized coaching tailored to your unique experiences and aspirations. Think of me as your manifestation buddy, guiding you through growth.

Atharv Dangwal

Strength & Wellness Advisor

I’m Atharv, your Strength & Wellness Advisor. With a stack of gold medals, I offer more than expertise—I bring a proven track record of success. My dedication lies in crafting personalized fitness programs tailored to your unique needs and goals. When you train with me, you’re not just gaining a coach; you’re getting a committed partner invested in your success. Let’s turn your fitness aspirations into reality together.

Mahak Bhuteria

Financial Wizard

I’m Mahak, your Financial Wizard at Strentor. Unlike typical Chartered Accountants, I’m a financial enthusiast with over a decade of experience. I’ve gained insights from diverse clients, from local businesses to global corporations, navigating financial intricacies and refining my skills. Let’s navigate your financial journey together.

Client Testimonials

Aditya has been helping me with my diet and exercise routine for past 8 months and I couldn’t be happier. With his guidance, not only have I been able to exercise regularly with my erratic work schedule, I now look forward to my workout time. He has curated a diet that is enjoyable and easy to follow through. He makes sure to tweak it every few weeks according to the exercises and the nutrition required. Absolutely recommend this wonderful trainer!

    Kunjan Chabra

    Here is a trainer who excels in overcoming obstacles. Has won many awards that showcase his endurance, strength and determination. He trains you with good humor and warmth. Strentor is professional and caring.

      Indira Nambiar

      Aditya is a brilliant trainer - he made sure to monitor my diet and exercise routine on a daily basis and kept me very motivated. He pushed me when it was needed and cherished every fitness milestone that I achieved. Aditya was also always available for addressing any query or concern that I had, making sure to give the rationale behind it. He always gives very doable/practical diet plans and exercises, which are changed/customized according to fitness level. I did not face any issue with following the diet or exercise routine.

        Tanushree Das

        Beyond Wheels and Woes.